Posts from January, 2010

Mozilla timeline mockup: Feedback wanted!


Belarussian translation of this blog post can be found here. Thanks to Patricia Clausnitzer for her awesome translation!!! Hi people, it was some time since I half-heartedly offered to create a mockup for the timeline page, something, which was long-desired. I was, until this stage, undergoing major struggle and can feel that I’m not […] Continue reading

Mozilla UK – Call for feedback!


Hi guys and girls, as I pointed out in my last blog post, I’m working on the Mozilla UK community site (among many other things), which is my first Mozilla website project. We worked for months, getting a first version of MozUK online. We set up some sites, which (we think) help  users as well […] Continue reading

Howdy, Aloha, Moin!


Hi to everyone who reads this! This is the first post on my brand new blog. And the first thing I wanted to tell you, is: Good find! You managed to find this specific blog together with this specific post out of millions of blogs all around the world Some words about me and my […] Continue reading

Should Mozilla use Freenode for IRC communication?


By and large, the Mozilla community uses an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server operated by MoCo at (IMO). For day to day operations, IMO is used by a variety of groups and projects for communication. For the people that I work most closely with, we use the server for release management of security releases […] Continue reading