Mozilla UK – Call for feedback!


Hi guys and girls,

as I pointed out in my last blog post, I’m working on the Mozilla UK community site (among many other things), which is my first Mozilla website project. We worked for months, getting a first version of MozUK online. We set up some sites, which (we think) help  users as well as contributors (new and those already being active).

However, as our userbase and page views rise, we need to revise the whole site even more, to give users an optimal experience. And at that point, I want something from you, it’s not much, only a small thing: Your opinion.

Tell us what you think about Mozilla UK, and especially, how we could improve it!

We’ll take your feedback seriously.

Here are some criteria, that might help you evaluate our site:

  • What content do you like most?
  • What content don’t you like so much or don’t you find appropriate?
  • What do you think about the theme?
  • If you could, what would you like to add?

So, after you’ve read this post, please do us a favor and answer the feedback poll we’ve integrated into the site. You help us improve the quality of the site dramatically and push the whole project into the right direction.

Thanks for reading!