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The Mozilla QA team has a large and vibrant community around the world that is deeply involved in our day-to-day activities. Our contributors take an early look at our products, explore new features, file bugs, triage existing bugs, write and execute test cases, automate tests, and provide valuable feedback from a usability perspective. Our most actively engaged contributors take leadership of some of our products or features.

Join Our Community

No matter what your background or technical experience, we would love to have you involved in our activities.

  • Contribute to our quality assurance activities and help us ensure that Mozilla products provide an amazing experience to our users worldwide.
  • Talk to our team members in our public chat room.
  • Visit our Mozilla QA Discourse forum and start a discussion
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Get Started

Across the different teams that make up the larger QA team, there are some common tools.

Besides these tools, each functional area within Mozilla may require its own set of special tools that you may need to become familiar with..