Results from the Mobile Firefox 1.0 RC Testday


The QA community is finding it harder and harder to find bugs (just ask AaronMT) on Mobile Firefox due to the hard work from the mobile team over the past 2 months. Nevertheless, the community came out strong and found 7 bugs including a crasher bug when users log into their Lycos account (thanks lonelybob!). Here are the details:

  • Top BugFinder: lonelybob
  • Top Testers: kbrosnan
  • Had a max of 36 the testday channel at its peak
  • Major contributors outside mozQA: nevercomingback, kbrosnan, lonelybob, AaronMT, md tester, Tobbi, mfinkle, vingtetun, ashughes, TMZ
  • # Bugs Filed: 7
    • 1 Crasher bug found on Lycos thanks to lonelybob !

Thank you to everyone that helped test!