Howdy, Aloha, Moin!


Hi to everyone who reads this!

This is the first post on my brand new blog. And the first thing I wanted to tell you, is: Good find! You managed to find this specific blog together with this specific post out of millions of blogs all around the world ;)

Some words about me and my contributions in the Mozilla world:

I’m familiar with many different projects, and do multiple contributions.This includes:

  • SUMO – answering user’s questions on the forum and in LiveChat, as well as translating KB articles into my native language German and improving existing KB articles
  • QA  – writing automated Mozmill testcases (I really have to improve my skills there), running Litmus testcases etc.
  • WebQA – automating existing testcases using the Selenium framework, testing websites using Litmus, especially focused on SUMO ( and AMO (
  • Administrating the Mozilla UK website project together with TMZ and Leo.
  • (when I have time and feel up to it) minor contributions to SUMOdev, this includes writing small (and when I say small I mean tiny) patches for the SUMO TikiWiki etc.

Anyway, if you have any more questions, you can always contact me via email under tobbi (at), or just add a comment to this blog post.

I feel like adding more details about these contributions in the future, so stay tuned!

– Tobbi

P.S.: If there’s anyone who doesn’t know: All words in the title are greetings, spoken in different parts of the world: Howdy in Southern USA, Aloha is  the Hawaiian language and Moin in Northern Germany ;)