Testday: Testing Website Compatability with Firefox 3.6

Anthony Hughes

The MozQA community is holding a Testday on Friday, January 22nd, for anyone interested in the performance, look and feel, stability, and general usage of their favourite websites with Firefox 3.6! It will be a day filled with testing various websites, sites you use day to day, with the bleeding edge release of Firefox 3.6.  The community will be hanging out online doing testing all day via IRC Chat (channel #testday on irc://irc.mozilla.org). So, if you're interested, come on by anytime between 7AM to 5PM PDT that Friday!
For more information, please go to
If you'd like to play around with the latest version of Firefox before the test day, feel free to go here to grab it:
If you want a general idea of the testing we are looking for, feel free to review the test plan here:
See you there!