Mozilla timeline mockup: Feedback wanted!


Belarussian translation of this blog post can be found here. Thanks to Patricia Clausnitzer for her awesome translation!!!

Hi people,

it was some time since I half-heartedly offered to create a mockup for the timeline page, something, which was long-desired. I was, until this stage, undergoing major struggle and can feel that I’m not completely over it 😉 But here it is: My first draft of a new timeline page. I tried to fit the design to the Mozilla colors and to make it smooth, however, there are still some parts that needs to be improved. But, we’ll see 😉

The original timeline can be found here:

My mockups can be found here and here.

This is not yet complete (of course) and there are still some things to improve:

  • I have to say that I need to improve the parchment background which does not look very healthy 😉
  • I need to add the Major Software releases to the timeline page

A note to my decisions:

I used the Mozilla star, as a star is often associated with “Hall of fame”, “heaven” and “highlights”, the Mozilla history is kind of both 😉

I used the old parchment, because you could imagine a person from the future finding this old parchment and thinking about how it all began with Mozilla.

Anyway, I’m waiting for your feedback / criticism! Just add comments to this blog post.

Thanks in advance,