Posts from March, 2012

MemChaser 0.2.1 released

Henrik Skupin

Yesterday a new version of MemChaser has been released. It was necessary due to the implementation of the new Garbage Collector API, which has been landed on Thursday for Firefox 14. Beside the new observers which report about CC/GC activity some of the console message keys have also been changed. That broke our parsing of […] Continue reading

Help Name our new Tool


When we transitioned Case Conductor from being built on uTest’s platform to the new pure-Django version, it ended up this new tool really stopped being Case Conductor.  This tool has now transitioned to being a purely Mozilla product, and now we need to decide on a new name.  That’s where YOU come in. We’ve floated […] Continue reading

Back from Mountain View


As some of you may know, Mozilla has Recently announced the Open Web Apps Project, as well as the Mozilla Marketplace. While many of the details aren’t finalized right now, the Mozilla Marketplace will be a medium for users to buy and download HTML5 apps to multiple devices (Desktop, Mobile, etc.). This week I traveled [&hellip Continue reading