The Attack of an Open Request

Al Billings

Apparently, asking for people to support an open community and to keep divisive speech seen to attack community members off of Planet Mozilla is seen by at least one of the Planet Mozilla peers as an “attack.” See his comment here.

I can only shake my head at this and wonder how people just don’t get it.

One person calls for enshrining in law the traditional second class position of members of the LGBT community in society on the basis of his personal beliefs. A second calls for an open community. Does the peer call the first person’s post an attack? No. But apparently responding to it with yesterday’s post by me does constitute an attack. How’s that work?

I certainly never to expect to be chastised for my position and have a peer suggest I take yesterday’s post down for standing up for people.

What I said yesterday included the following:

One thing that I cannot abide is prejudicial actions within that community which go against its basic ethos of inclusiveness and betterment for the good of all.


I encourage all Mozillians to donate to one of the many public organizations supporting equal rights for the LGBT community. This is the best way to send a message in support of inclusiveness and an open Mozilla community.

I’m not going to apologize for wanting an inclusive Mozilla that treats my queer brothers and sisters (and they are all of our brothers and sisters, as well as wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, even sons and daughters) as welcome members and co-creators in what we’re trying to accomplish. We are a community based on openness and the betterment of society. Isn’t that what we’re here for? Not simply to participate in making cool Internet software?