Back from Mountain View


As some of you may know, Mozilla has Recently announced the Open Web Apps Project, as well as the Mozilla Marketplace. While many of the details aren’t finalized right now, the Mozilla Marketplace will be a medium for users to buy and download HTML5 apps to multiple devices (Desktop, Mobile, etc.).

This week I traveled to the Mountain View and San Francisco Mozilla Offices to begin my new role as a Support Specialist for the Mozilla Marketplace. While I feel like a sponge that had to soak up a Fire-hose of information in 3 days, I am very excited about this future opportunity to impact and help Mozilla Users. I meet a lot of awesome people (it is nice to finally put faces on names), and reconnected with people I haven’t seen since Whistler.

Until the Marketplace is officially released sometime this year, I’m going to be working on a lot of behind the scenes prep-work. I will be doing some work on Triage in my free-time, but expect to see me around on SUMO a lot more from now on.