Help Name our new Tool


When we transitioned Case Conductor from being built on uTest’s platform to the new pure-Django version, it ended up this new tool really stopped being Case Conductor.  This tool has now transitioned to being a purely Mozilla product, and now we need to decide on a new name.  That’s where YOU come in.

We’ve floated the idea around the office and had lots of suggestions.  Some better than others, as you might imagine.  :)   But now it’s YOU, our Community, who we need to hear from on this.

Please visit our Survey Monkey site here and cast your vote.  Or if you have a better idea, then please enter that in the survey, too.  let us know!  We’ll be choosing by March 26th, and I’ll post it here.

“This is the first I’ve heard of this tool.  Where can I find it?”

Since this tool was so recently still named Case Conductor, you’ll see that name everywhere until we choose a new name.  But we didn’t want to do a huge change to an interim name when we’ll be changing it again in a couple weeks anyway.  So please forgive our dust in the meantime.

You can find the pertinent information in these fine places.  These links will change as soon as the name does (and I’ll post updates on this blog, of course):

So please visit SurveyMonkey and let your voice be heard!  Thanks for participating!  We can’t wait to see your ideas!