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New ‘in-qa-testsuite’ flag available for Mozilla QA driven test frameworks

Henrik Skupin

Given the importance of automation in QA the Automation Development team had a discussion lately how to improve tracking of QA covered automated testcases in Bugzilla. In the past we haven’t had a way to mark code in bugs for new features or regression fixes as being covered by Mozmill automation. As we have agreed […] Continue reading

Mozmill 1.5.12 dropped support for Firefox 3.6

Henrik Skupin

Some days ago we noticed that with the Mozmill 1.5.12 release we accidentally dropped the support for Firefox 3.6 or the Gecko 1.9.2 platform. It has been introduced with the fix for the global per compartment issue on bug 751424, especially with the addition of the ‘outer-window-destroyed’ observer notification listener. Given the EOL of Firefox […] Continue reading