Posts from August, 2011

Goodbye Mozilla


Not all good things can last forever. I’ve seen over the past several months that as Mozilla has drifted further away from the company that it was in 2008, and further from my goals and vision, and that it is best that I depart from the Mozilla community. Rather than hash out all of my Continue reading

So long, farewell, and thanks for all the automation lessons learned (or: o hai beautiful Page Object Model AMO Selenium tests!)

Stephen Donner

Catchy title, no? Well, you’re reading this… Today, our legacy (and pretty comprehensive) Selenium tests for the Mozilla Add-ons website (both written in Python), were forced into retirement; the reason?: our previously-blogged-about AMO redesign–code-named "Impala"–went live for the homepage and… Continue reading

Al’s Black Hat 2011 and DEF CON 19 Visit


I attended Black Hat 2011 and DEF CON 19 this last week under the auspices of Mozilla. We generally have a bunch of us who are involved in facets of the security releases attending these back to back conferences every Summer in Las Vegas. This is for a few reasons but the primary ones are […] Continue reading

We’re back!

Tom Ellins

Did somebody say PAAAAAAAARTY!!!? Uh, yeah, about that: there isn’t actually a party (but you can pull some party poppers if you must!). So, what’s all this “We’re back!” lark? Well, some of you may have noticed that over the last week or two we’ve been “Down for Maintenance”. And what were you doing? What […] Continue reading