New Automation Services mailing list and newsgroup

Henrik Skupin

As part of the discussions during our QA Automation Services work week end of July, we have decided to be more open to the public. We have seen that in the past mostly all conversations regarding tools, tasks, and status updates happened on our internal mailing list, which is not accessible by any of our contributors. Well, that’s counter-productive because we have dozens of smart and awesome community members out there who probably want to help and learn the techniques in automated testing. And we should give those the possibility to easily participate.

As result we have raised bug 676224 two weeks ago with the request to create a public facing mailing list and newsgroup. The creation has been a bit delayed but finally happened last Friday. So if you want to participate in automation, feel free to join by subscribing yourself to one of the following communication channels:

We are looking forward to being able to discuss automation topics with you in a more collaborated fashion as before.