Posts from August, 2011

Even More Clarifications


Apparently my last blog post got picked up by both Conceivably Tech and Slashdot, somewhat to my surprise. It also came to my attention that I was a bit too ambiguous in how I worded things, so I wanted to make a few clarifications. Firefox did not ship with 6,000 bugs. Rather, there are 6,000 Continue reading

Open source

nhirata Looks pretty interesting… I always <3'ed Gimp: Apple on Open Source: MS w/ Cloud computing: Adobe with Open Source: IBM with Open Source: xkcd on Open Source: Government on … Continue reading Continue reading

Incremental Changes

Anthony Hughes

Last week I dove deep into my new role as a release driver for Mozilla QA, driving the release of Firefox 6 and 7.0 Beta. It has given me pause for reflection to see how far of come. It all started nearly 5 years ago on a cold Canadian winter morning in a college classroom. […] Continue reading