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Anthony Hughes


We started working closely with a number of other QA teams on the Open Web Apps initiative to make sure we understand what is needed to start automation prototyping and generate test plans. In the meantime, we have set up project documentation. We landed the Membuster Endurance tests last week. If you would like to try running them, please read more about it on Dave Hunt’s blog. More information about projects will be available soon so please continue to check the project page for ways the community can help.

Browser Tech and Mobile

Telemetry settings have landed on Nightly and Aurora. We can use your help gathering crash and performance data so developers can identify and fix these issues more readily. A new tablet UI has landed on the Nightly version of Firefox Mobile. If you have a tablet, please get the latest Nightly and enable the new UI.


In an effort to involve the community in our planning and weekly discussions, we will begin advertising our bi-weekly meetings and providing multiple means of participation (including telephone and video conferencing). We will also move from a private Etherpad to a public Etherpad to make our day-to-day work more visible and to enable the community to participate. More information should be communicated in time for next week’s meeting. In the meantime, we are working on setting up a QA Ambassador role for the Mozilla Reps program. We need your feedback on this role and any suggestions you may have regarding QA and testing.


Last week we held a successful testday for Firefox 7 graphics bugs along with a guest demo for debugging Firefox. If you missed this testday, please join us for our QA-WANTED testday this Friday.


Firefox 6.0.1, 7.0b3, and 3.6.21 (Desktop and Mobile) will be coming out very shortly to patch a known chemspill due to a Certificate Authority issue. Firefox 8 and 9 are on track in Aurora and Nightly, respectively. Hop on the #qa channel on IRC and we’ll be glad to have you help. Firefox Aurora and Beta newsletters will be coming out soon, highlighting new features and areas where we need your help testing. Stay tuned for more details.


Last Tuesday, Stephen Donner presented a lightning talk at the San Francisco Selenium Meetup. On Wednesday, Mozilla.com and Mozilla.org were merged into a single website; made possible by a lot of heavy-duty automation and manual testing. On Thursday, Addons.Mozilla.Org was moved to a new datacenter. Dave Hunt released pytest-mozwebqa 0.1 Alpha which enables configuration of many more Selenium run-time options, support for Sauce Labs, and much more. Currently we are converting our current tests to start using it; please get in touch with davehunt or stephend on IRC if you want to help. Finally, we are planning our next testday for September 9th; more details will be available soon.