Goodbye Mozilla


Not all good things can last forever. I’ve seen over the past several months that as Mozilla has drifted further away from the company that it was in 2008, and further from my goals and vision, and that it is best that I depart from the Mozilla community. Rather than hash out all of my issues in a public blog post, I am just announcing that I will no longer be contributing in any way to the Mozilla Community. I will not be receiving anymore notifications on BMO. I will have the same email address, so if anyone ever wants to get in touch with me they can do so. Any patches that I have floating on BMO, feel free to use if there is anything of value (I doubt there is). My blog will be removed from the planet soon, but I will continue to post personal updates and posts on it (there is some big news coming up soon, so stay tuned).

I have many friends in the Mozilla community, and I want to tell you that this is not any grievance that I have with you, but more on the policies and direction that Mozilla is headed in the future, as well as the treatment of the community in recent months. I wish Mozilla luck, and I will continue to watch it. Sometime in the future, I may begin to contribute again. It is just better that after 3+ years, I pursue other, more productive and rewarding contributions with projects that truly appreciate their communities. Thank you Mozilla for a fun past 3 years, and my friends, peers, and mentors, thank you.