Posts from October, 2010

What’s up for QMO in 2011?


QMO has always had a lot of potential, but its always been a little bit lacking. We have always understood it is a community site that allowed our new and old community members to get more information about opportunities within our sphere of work, but nothing much past that. There were ideas, but no real […] Continue reading

Nightly Tester Tools Resurrection


Some of you may have noticed that the aptly named Nightly Tester Tools addon doesn’t work on nightly builds at the moment. A few months ago Dave Townsend mentioned that the popular Nightly Tester Tools extension was in need of some new owners and an update. A couple of people that work on automation have […] Continue reading

Firefox Input 1.9 – Krieger Part Deux


There’s not too much to mention this time around. Input 1.9 was mostly to round out all of the dashboard’s features (i.e. Themes and Sites) for Mobile Firefox feedback as well as fix some security bugs before moving on to Input 2.0. Thanks again to Chris Howse, Frederic Wenzel, Dave Dash, Ryan Snyder, Michael Kurze, […] Continue reading

Android Users Unite!


Calling all Android Phone Users! Firefox Mobile 4.0 beta 1 was released last week for Android and Maemo platforms.  This is the first released beta of Mobile firefox on android, so we are looking for feedback and test coverage. How can you help? First, download the beta here.   If you’re feeling more adventurous, skip the […] Continue reading