Android Users Unite!


Calling all Android Phone Users!

Firefox Mobile 4.0 beta 1 was released last week for Android and Maemo platforms.  This is the first released beta of Mobile firefox on android, so we are looking for feedback and test coverage. How can you help?

First, download the beta here.   If you’re feeling more adventurous, skip the beta and go straight to our amazingly stable nightly builds. (grab the “fennec.apk” file)

Secondly, read Mark Finkle’s blog about the features that it comes with.  Highlights are AwesomeScreen, Integrated Sync, Badging, Sharing a site with others, and many more..

Lastly, help us test on your Android Device!   With the emergence of new Android phones coming out every week it seems, the Mobile team here is looking for more development and Test coverage across all these platforms.   Action steps:

  • Visit the Firefox for Android wiki for supported devices and list of known issues.  You can also look up mobile support.
  • Let us know which device you have!  Give feedback through our UserVoice forum and Firefox Input channels for feedback and bugs.  (Note: Input will be available in beta 2 directly through the options menu)
  • Run our manual mobile tests!   Create an account in and run our functional tests right here.
  • Finally, find us on, #mobile channel for any real time chat.


Update: Some of you are experiencing issues after installing where Firefox will start up, run for about 5 seconds, and then close and navigate back to the home page.   Please double check first if you are on a device that’s not running ARM7 architecture (non thumb instruction set).    (See supported list HERE)

If you are running an older processor like ARM6 and below, we’d still love to hear feedback on performance and usability by running a nothumb nightly build.   Go HERE for that.