Nightly Tester Tools Resurrection


Some of you may have noticed that the aptly named Nightly Tester Tools addon doesn’t work on nightly builds at the moment. A few months ago Dave Townsend mentioned that the popular Nightly Tester Tools extension was in need of some new owners and an update. A couple of people that work on automation have decided to lead an effort to revive Nightly Tester Tools and make it even better.

You can check out the list of current and proposed features on the wiki. We’re planning on removing a couple features, some of which have been superseded by Firefox features, including: crash report sidebar, session restore, and leak log analysis. Let us know if you use any of these features. In addition, we’re thinking about taking out the extension compatibility fixing. Extension compatibility is the main(/only) reason many people use Nightly Tester Tools, but now there’s the Addon Compatibility Reporter that keeps up to date with the extension compatibility changes (EDIT: many people have protested this and given some good reasoning, so it’s likely this will stay in).

A couple people already working on the effort are harth, jhammel, and aakashd on #qa on If you have any features you’d like to see in NTT you can of course comment on this blog post, or file a bug in the Nightly Tester Tools component.

If you’d like to contribute code, fork the Github repo. We’re sticking with the old code base for now but are keeping an eye on the Jetpack SDK for a switch at some point.