Posts from August, 2010

Ace Monster Toys as a real hackerspace


I’ve been meaning to post an update for Ace Monster Toys, the hackerspace that I co-founded recently in Berkeley. I last posted about it in mid-June. We had just elected our board and begun collecting dues while we were looking for a space to rent. I’m happy to tell people that we did find a […] Continue reading

Mozmill 1.5 has landed!


At long last, we’re happy to announce Mozmill 1.5! o/ MOZMILL 1.5 o/ It’s ready now on Pypi and (once it’s reviewed) on  Tons of changes and many hours of work went into this release.  We couldn’t have done it without you! Heather Arthur Jeff Hammel Andrew Halberstadt Henrik Skupin Atul Varma Mark Banner […] Continue reading

Firefox Input 1.6.2 is Released – More ‘Malory’


Life is full of surprises. Pigs fly. Hell freezes over. A project team releases more features in a ’3-dot’ release than a ’2-dot’ release.  Anyways, that’s beside the point. The Input team has some goodies for our users in the latest release of Firefox Input. We’ve implemented a page for summarized website-related feedback, linkable individual […] Continue reading