Firefox Input 1.6.2 is Released – More ‘Malory’


Life is full of surprises. Pigs fly. Hell freezes over. A project team releases more features in a ’3-dot’ release than a ’2-dot’ release.  Anyways, that’s beside the point. The Input team has some goodies for our users in the latest release of Firefox Input. We’ve implemented a page for summarized website-related feedback, linkable individual feedback, searching by URLs and more! A big thanks to Frederic Wenzel, Dave Dash, Michael Kurze, Andres Garcia, Stephen Donner, Shyam Mani, Chris Howse, Kevin Brosnan, Aaron Train and Aleksej R. Serdyukov for making it happen.


  • Sites: Michael Kurze, a fantastic metrics intern here at Mozilla, has written a cool web-app that siphons a week’s/beta’s worth of Firefox Beta feedback centered around URLs on a daily basis. Then, it performs a cluster analysis on the messages received with those URLs and posts them in a pretty manner on our Input dashboard. To read about his experience, take a look at his blogpost.
  • Individual Pieces of Feedback are Linkable: Dave Dash took an onus on adding an unexpected win by making individual pieces of feedback linkable. To instance this, simply click on the date of the individual message! Here’s an example of what it looks like.
  • Search through messages with URLs: Another piece of awesome from Dave Dash. Dashboard users just need to type in “URL:” and any wildcard to search for that wildcard through any messages with a URL attached. Use this example on how to use the new feature.

Bug Fixes

  • When a new beta has entered a release cycle, our feedback submission pages should still be available until a day after it has been released.
  • Input now has Hudson running on it.