Mozmill 1.5 has landed!


At long last, we’re happy to announce Mozmill 1.5!

o/ MOZMILL 1.5 o/

It’s ready now on Pypi and (once it’s reviewed) on  Tons of changes and many hours of work went into this release.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Heather Arthur
  • Jeff Hammel
  • Andrew Halberstadt
  • Henrik Skupin
  • Atul Varma
  • Mark Banner
  • M. A. Darche
  • Brian Warner
  • Anthony Hughes
  • Aaron Train
  • Adrian Kalla
  • Geo Mealer

Thank you also to everyone who’s tried it out, commented in bugs, run tests, and reported issues.  We really appreciate your help in making this release as solid as we could make it.  There are a bunch of new features we are very excited about:

  • New Bespin based editor UI
  • Ability for tests to terminate the browser
  • Ability to capture errors when the browser hangs
  • Better error reporting and logging
  • Handling accessing elements in content XUL
  • Ability to handle non-ASCII characters in test scripts
  • waitForEval replaced with general waitFor function to make tests easier to read
  • Command line and robustness fixes for restart tests

You can see the fixed bugs here.

That said, making anything worth making involves some hard decisions.  There are several fixes that did not make it into 1.5 and we wished they had.  We’ll be collecting those for the next dot release, 1.5.1.  To nominate a bug for that release add the [mozmill-1.5.1?] whiteboard entry in bugzilla.

= What’s Next =
Well, we’ve been thinking a lot about it, and have already been working on it.  It’s Mozmill 2.0.  And it is going to be incredible.  You should check out the plan.  We’ll also be doing a bug-fix only set of dot releases as issues come up on the 1.5 branch.  We’d welcome you to get involved in Mozmill 2.0 by suggesting ideas or picking ideas to implement.  We’d love to help you with your patches.  You can always find our team in #qa on IRC or on this mailing list.

Thanks so much for your help.

Enjoy 1.5!