Weird interaction between personas and an extension

Ludovic Hirlimann

I’ve been using Firefox 4.0b3 for a week or so now. As always when I switch to beta, I usually loose some functionality due to some extensions not being validated with the version of Firefox that I use. I’ve been using delicious to manage my bookmarks for the last two or three years, because it enables me to share my bookmarks (and I don’t have a lot) with other computers, other browsers and with my friends (yes I’m a web social beast).

So this morning I was clearly happy to see that the delicious team had a nice extension in beta for me to try out. I was all happy about it and installed it. My bookmarks where back in place ­čśë I then noticed that I had lost mouse gesture. I disabled the extension and woot mouse gesture was back. I then send a little email as a piece of feedback to the delicious mailing list.

Two hours later I was contacted on instant messaging by the Yahoo developer. And we tried to figure out what was going on. The only thing That was left was my personas theme. So I went to , I then noticed that it solved my mouse gesture issue. Restarted Firefox and yet again lost gesture until I opened in one of my tabs. So I have this weird bug about an extension, a theme that will work together if I load the web site where I got the extension from, I’d love to file a bug, but I have no idea, where/why/how.