Firefox Input 1.7 Released – Lana is free


“Baby, I AM putting you in the corner!” – Lana Kane, Archer

The training wheels are off. We’ve set aside our original dashboard in place of a snazzy new one. What you see now is a little more refined and little more polished than what our Mozilla feedback triagers have been used to. Of course, by a little I mean a lot. Check it out. Like Lana Kane, it’s cool, it’s high in dexterity and it makes your life a whole lot easier when siphoning through our copious amounts of Firefox Beta feedback. Big shout outs go to Chris Howse, Frederic Wenzel, Dave Dash, Michael Kurze, Stephen Donner, Ryan Snyder, Justin Lazaro and Shyam Mani for making this happen.


  • Complete UX Overhaul of the Dashboard, Sites and Themes pages
  • There is RTL Support
  • Search for only for messages with URLs attached by adding “URL” to the keyword search field

Finally, here’s a list of bugs fixed in this release.