Arriving for the Mozilla Summit 2013


Mozilla Summit 2013
A gathering of 1,800 Mozillians began today in three cities around the world for Mozilla Summit 2013. Mozilla staff and community flew into Brussels, Toronto and Santa Clara to connect with each other, align around Mozilla’s mission and create a shared vision of the future.

Flying in from all around the world, Mozillians were received at the airport by event organizers and shuttled to their hotels. I was privileged to volunteer a few hours today at Santa Clara as one of the site hosts. Helping out at the registration desk, I marveled at the diversity of Mozillians who introduced themselves and received their welcome bags. The organizers estimate that Summit participants speak more than 114 languages all told.

After checking into their rooms, participants streamed back into the lounge area and mingled with other Mozillians. After dinner at 6:00 pm, everyone generally retired early, looking forward to the keynote presentations tomorrow!

The Santa Clara Mariott Hotel. [Courtesy belutz]
(from left to right) Mozillians arrive at the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel, check in, and register for the Summit at the desk where a nice welcome package awaits them.
Contents of the welcome bag. [Courtesy @Witia001]
Mozillians posing eagerly with the Fox as he wanders the venue. Did you know that every half an hour or so a different Mozillian would suit up as the Fox? Thanks to Site Host Lead Benjamin for helping people get inside the costume!
The food lounge at the Santa Clara Mariott hotel. To the left is a giant screen visualizing tweets tagged #mozsummit in real time. [Courtesy @neoecos]
Gearing up for the keynote presentations tomorrow. [Courtesy @nitot]
Johnny Stenback building carts for the Innovation Fair for tomorrow. Putting together IKEA furniture is a challenge, but these ‘Easy Carts’ were a whole lot more difficult!
Get the Summit app on your Firefox OS phone and stay abreast with the latest schedule! [Screenshot and cool wallpaper both courtesy @madhava]

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