Mozilla Summit 2013: Day 2 at Santa Clara


Mozilla Summit 2013
The second day of Mozilla Summit 2013 started with a report of the health of the web. Harvey Anderson, Senior Vice President Business and Legal Affairs at Mozilla, characterized the vital signs of a healthy web as access, interoperability, net-neutrality, innovation, diversity, user choice, user control, social activity and economic activity. He also raised concerns that broad NSA surveillance of Internet traffic as revealed by Edward Snowden has created public mistrust in the web.

Dino Anderson took the stage next to have a conversation about Mozilla’s culture and values. After a short break, product leads of different teams across Mozilla showed demos and videos of upcoming products: WebRTC, Simple Push, Firefox OS Marketplace, App Manager, AppMaker, Shumway, HTML5 games.

Next up was the Innovation Fair, which consisted of booths showcasing Mozilla products and technology: a web phone that leverages WebRTC, Talkilla; Metro Firefox for Windows 8; Firefox’s new sleek look, Australis; Firefox Health Report and Socorro crash statistics; a code search and static analysis tool, DXR; a new, open source video coded Daala; a PandaBoard running Firefox OS; controlling a Firefox OS WebGL app with Leap Motion; providing reliable hardware on demand, Mozpool; and navigating the Lantea Maps app using MaKey Makey.

This was followed by a series of sessions small group sessions focused on Mozilla products, technology, and programs. Finally, a World Fare dinner was served where hungry Mozillians for a chance to taste a variety of foods from around the world.

Harvey Anderson delivers the health report on the open web. [Courtesy @remcokaptein]
An open Internet needs to decentralize power. [Courtesy @soumyaC]
The AppMaker from Mozilla Labs makes it fun and easy to create Firefox OS apps. [Courtesy @rizqi]
The App Manager helps test, deploy and debug HTML5 apps on Firefox OS phones directly from the browser. [Courtesy @danishkanavin]
Candy Crush, a popular game based on Flash technology, shown rendered in Firefox by Shumway, a HTML5 + Javascript implementation of the Flash runtime. [Courtesy @littlebtc]
Demo of an HTML5 + WebGL 3D game that features a real-time Twitter wall and playable Free Doom. [Courtesy @littlebtc]
Demo of an HTML5 game, Epic Citadel, on Firefox for Android. [Courtesy @littlebtc]
Metro Firefox booth at the Innovation Fair. [Courtesy @asadotzler]
23 PandaBoards assembled in a chassis for the Mozpool project at the Innovation Fair. [Courtesy @dividehex]
Patrick Walton led a session on ‘Understanding the Servo strategy’. [Courtesy @littlecalculist]
Dan Mosedale facilitated a session on ‘How do we scale up our innovation capacity?’ [Courtesy @saurabhshah]
Results from community brainstorming on ‘What would a million Mozillians do?’ [Courtesy @soumyaC]
World Fare dinner: a chance to taste a variety of foods from around the world. [Courtesy @Kevin_WY]