Mozilla Summit 2013: Day 1 at Santa Clara


Mozilla Summit 2013
The first day of Mozilla Summit 2013 began with a highly inspirational message from Chairperson of Mozilla Foundation and Chief Lizard Wrangler, Mitchell Baker. She started by declaring “We protect the open web” and went on to champion an Internet that’s knowable, interoperable and ours, thus enabling us to know more, do more and do better. At Santa Clara, her passionate speech was followed by a strategy session led by Brendan Eich, Mozilla’s Chief Technology Officer. In a talk titled “Where do we want Mozilla and the Web to be in 10 years?” Brendan argued that Mozilla needs to empower people with web know-how and build cloud products to delight users. These cloud services would be built with well thought-out data security and privacy policies. After the strategy session, I along with other Mozillians circulated amongst small stands showcasing Mozilla communities from around the world: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Ukraine. This was followed by a series of sessions on key themes facilitated by people across the Mozillian community. Summit participants reconvened in the evening for a conversation with Mozilla’s top leadership. The evening ended with a group photo outside the hotel, followed by dinner.

“Build the Internet the world needs.” – Mitchell Baker live at the keynote at Brussels. [Courtesy Gemma Petrie]
The Women of Mozilla (WoMoz) as part of the World Fair. [Courtesy @WoMozilla]
The Mozilla Korea team show off their app as part of the World Fair. Type your name using the Firefox OS Korean keyboard and win a prize! [Courtesy @mozchanny]
Sujith Reddy and Alex Lakatos facilitate a breakout session titled “What does ‘Mozillian’ mean?”. [Courtesy @rara79]
Sandip Kamat and Christian Heilmann facilitate a breakout session titled “Firefox OS in 2014 and Beyond”. [Courtesy @Debloper]
Mozilla Reps look into the emotional connection that explains why we wear our brand proudly. [Courtesy @mozillareps]
Group photo at Santa Clara at the end of Day One. Mozillians say “One Mozilla!”[Courtesy @bmossimgs]
So this is what a crowd surfing Firefox looks like at Santa Clara! [Courtesy @MozillaPH]