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Github Webapps MochiTest Repo

David Clarke

Github Webapps MochiTest Repo

Hey just wanted to show everyone the portability / coolness of javascript test frameworks, and how you can achieve cross device api compatibility.

The example that I am going to show is the soon to be performed work on mozilla central to port the webapps extension into the mozilla code base.

The exciting part about this we get to test against code that hasn’t been written just yet. Now since the codebase i want to test will eventually be on mozilla central , but is currently not.  I didn’t select the option of testing against a debug build.

Building Firefox:

MochiTest Basics:

 Assuming you have built mozilla central and you are able to run MochiTests, then what next.Well firstly you will want to choose a location for your tests.

Now If you are working on webapps this directory might be: dom/tests/mochitest, as it looks as a lot of tests that are dom related lie there.

You will then have to create a directory “foobar“, and edit and add your directory below

DIRS  +=

Next step would be to create a inside your directory foobar. Attached is a github commit which establishes our base repository.

First step is getting a working mozilla central source.




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0.8.X Branch now available


We are working our way toward our 1.0 release slated for 3/30.  And this is a major milestone for us. This new branch reflects an architectural change we decided to make last November.  We have moved the project to be purely Django.  This has simplified everything from deploying the product to developing new features and […] Continue reading

I Have Moved

Anthony Hughes

Greetings All!

I’m happy to announce that after many many months of struggling to find time to work on my website, I’ve finally completed a v1.0 of my redesign. A couple of things you will notice right away.

#1: is now

I decided to move my old domain,, off GoDaddy and over […]

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Building Android


So hopefully I won’t forget, I’ll just blog about it now…. Android build “make -f build” in mozilla-central cd ~/src/mozilla-central/objdir-droid/ “make package” in the OBJDIR run: “adb install -r fennec.apk” adb shell am start -a org.mozilla.gecko.DEBUG -n org.mozilla.fennec/org.mozilla.fennec.App Filed … Continue reading Continue reading