Seeking Windows testers who have Intel GMA graphic cards


To our Windows testing community:

We’re looking for a few people using an Intel GMA graphics card… if you have one of these, keep reading.

We are trying to work to try to reproduce Bug 711656.  This is a startup crash which is affecting Firefox users running the 11.0 betas as well as other Firefox versions up to the trunk.

Reproducing this bug will require  a computer that has an Intel 4500HD desktop and mobile integrated graphics which came with Intel’s G45 chipset. This graphics card was shipped with older hardware that dates back to late-2008 (

If you have this graphics card and are able to provide a set of steps to reproduce this crash it would be greatly appreciated. Also, once the fix lands then you can help verify that the fix eliminates the crash.

Thanks in advance for helping us with this important testing effort. If you have questions, please contact any of the following individuals: