Posts from November, 2011

Flash enhancements on Firefox Android Native


Nailed It, is right.  In the month where Adobe is announcing they are discontinuing Android Flash development, Mozilla is going the opposite and has implemented Flash and recent improvements into the latest Native Android Firefox project.  Since Firefox’s for Android inception back in March 2010, the top request and comment is “We want Flash, We […] Continue reading

Native Firefox for Android is Coming!


Many of you have heard or already experiencing the Firefox browsing experience on your Android Phone or Tablet. We hope your experience has been a great one, and continue to look forward to your feedback. The engineering team is taking it a step further and porting Firefox to a Native Java Application, which promises similar […] Continue reading

New Case Conductor branch available: 0.6.X


We’ve been plugging along, making fixes and rounding out functionality on Case Conductor.  We’re getting very close to a version that we will begin rolling out for usage in-house here at Mozilla. We’re going to start using it on a couple small projects when we get to branch 0.7.X. To check out our latest updates, […] Continue reading