Flash enhancements on Firefox Android Native


Nailed It, is right.  In the month where Adobe is announcing they are discontinuing Android Flash development, Mozilla is going the opposite and has implemented Flash and recent improvements into the latest Native Android Firefox project.  Since Firefox’s for Android inception back in March 2010, the top request and comment is “We want Flash, We Want Flash!”   Why people want that buggy plugin still floors me today, but Mozilla’s heard you loud and clear.   Brad Lassey, Doug Turner, James Wilcox and team have taken creative approaches and have finally nailed down a version on Native Firefox that is performing tremendously well so far.   Yes, there are still hiccups and work to be done, but lets pause for a second and applause our brave warriors in a nightly build worth downloading.

So take out your Android phone and your beloved Flash plugin, and take today’s nightly build for a spin.   With the combination of significant panning/zooming improvements from my last post, plus a series of awesomebar and tab UI changes, Firefox is looking primer and primer each day.

As always, help us test and file bugs.  That’s the best way to give us the feedback you care about.

Grab the latest Nightly build HERE.  (remember to check “unknown sources”)