Native Firefox for Android is Coming!


Many of you have heard or already experiencing the Firefox browsing experience on your Android Phone or Tablet. We hope your experience has been a great one, and continue to look forward to your feedback. The engineering team is taking it a step further and porting Firefox to a Native Java Application, which promises similar features you’re used to, but with a handful of improvements!

Development is already in progress, and many features have already landing.  You can find out more details in our weekly newsletter , as well as specific areas to test and focus on.    There has already been significant improvements in startup performance, responsiveness, and a much more fuller, native experience on the phone.    Native Firefox Android is estimated to launch in Q1 2012.  Here’s a nice recent writeup by Ryan Paul at

In the meantime, there is a Testday tomorrow (Friday, Nov 11th) that you can join!   We are looking for folks interested in a first look, alpha feedback, and want to share their comments and bugs around our product.   If you are a firefox user, and own an Android device, you don’t want to miss this event!

UPDATED: If you’d like to download and test: