Mobile Newsletter – Week of November 18th 2011


Welcome Firefox Mobile testers!

Our goal is to provide you with mobile news and guidance towards how and where you as a tester can help out!

This Week’s Headlines!
  • Flash is now in for Android OS 2.3 and less!
  • note: you will need flash downloaded from the Android Market
  • Features to look at now:
  • What’s New in Fennec Native UI?
    • Flash for 2.3 and less
    • Title bar improvements :
    • tab counters (open/close tab) – long tap on counters
    • refinements such as system highlight color
  • Doorhanger notifications for prompts
  • Zippity addon now available for Native UI Fennec!
  • What’s coming soon to Fennec on Android?
    • Enhanced pannning and zooming experience (gestures included)
    • Double tap Zoom
    • Context Menus
    • Text Selection
    • And more!
    How to download the latest Fennec Native UI build:
    Testing Areas, Tips and Tricks:
    We want to hear from you!
    Til next time,
    The Mobile QA Team

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