Posts from February, 2011

Status Report: 2011.6

Anthony Hughes

The following is a summary of my contributions to the Mozilla project for the week ending Sunday February 13, 2011. Accomplishments Refactored Mozmill:testDownloadStates.js to support the “simple” Save File As dialog (bug 631246) — this test will ultimately need to be disabled until a proper solution can be found via bug 631304 Narrowed down Mozmill:testPasswordNotSaved.js […] Continue reading

Status Report: 2011.5

Anthony Hughes

In an effort to better manage my projects and workflow, I’m trying to blog my weekly status reports. Enjoy! For more detailed information, please see my detailed status report. Accomplishments organized an extremely successful bugday for Firefox 4 FIXED bugs discovered an issue with a null Save File dialogs in Firefox with Mozmill triaged 67 […] Continue reading