Firefox Input 3.1 – Dashboard for Major Releases


Feedback in Firefox now has a new dashboard for major release submission methods and support for Mobile Firefox releases:

I should note that the major release submission methods are only available for Firefox 4 and later due to the use of bleeding edge HTML 5 and CSS 3 implementation. This wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of Dave Dash, Chris Howse, Michael Kurze, Ryan Snyder, Frederic Wenzel, Matthew Brandt, Rebecca Billings, Dave Hunt and Justin Dow. Thanks all for making this release a success!

List of Major Features

  • Submission methods for releases of Mobile Firefox 4 and later
  • “Rate Your Experience” and “Site Issues” release submission methods now have a dashboard
  • Switching between channels on the Input dashboard
  • Sites clustering is now a Map Reduce job

Finally, here’s a list of bugs fixed in this release.