Status Report: 2011.6

Anthony Hughes

The following is a summary of my contributions to the Mozilla project for the week ending Sunday February 13, 2011.


  • Refactored Mozmill:testDownloadStates.js to support the “simple” Save File As dialog (bug 631246) — this test will ultimately need to be disabled until a proper solution can be found via bug 631304
  • Narrowed down Mozmill:testPasswordNotSaved.js failure to an unclean termination in testClearFormHistory (bug 614973)
  • Started a discussion about how we can improve feature maintenance in Bugzilla for features without components — feel free to join that discussion, all ideas welcome!
  • Triaged 107 resolved and unconfirmed bugs for Audio/Video, Geolocation, Doorhanger Notifications, Security, Session Store, and Switch-to-Tab
  • Assisted in the release of Firefox 4.0 beta 11 and 3.6.14build2 to the betatesters
  • Compiled list of QMO badges for community contributions — blog post coming soon

Resolved Bugs

  • bug 631511 – Failure in Mozmill test testGreenLarry.js

Next Week

  • Land first set of Mozmill Panorama tests
  • Find a solution to Mozmill:testPasswordNotSaved
  • Expand triage efforts from -1week to -1month
  • Focus on releasing Firefox 3.5.17/3.6.14
  • Begin design of QMO badges for community contributions

Time Breakdown