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Oh, the places you’ll go!

Matt Brandt

Yes, I get it the title of this post spells doesn’t hide the fact that I’m about to tell a short story of some sort… and yes as a child I tended to take my Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein tales with much seriousness.

These last few months I’ve been struggling for excitement and passion at work. I came to several realizations, some not so pretty about why I felt stuck

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Euler problem #1

Matt Brandt

Inspired by a conversation with a few people on twitter (James Bach and Lanette Creamer) I came up with a mindmap laying out a personal syllabus of learning goals. I’ve been out of school for a few months and I have a sinking feeling that I’d better ke… Continue reading

Who owns quality

Matt Brandt

Lately I’ve been fielding this question quite a bit at work and frankly I’m getting sick of it. I’ve become the automated test czar and thus all support, maintenance, and failings of our currently frameworks, harnesses, and tools ar… Continue reading

GTAC 2010

Matt Brandt

I just returned from a great trip to Hyderabad, India for this year’s Google Test Automation Conference. An inspiring trip where I spent several days getting test-geek on with a room full of other very passionate testers. Some of the tools and m… Continue reading


Matt Brandt

I thought this would be an interesting share, this has never happened to me.  A few days ago I received a recruitment email from a local recruiter who found me on LinkedIn. I figured it couldn’t hurt to see where the exchange might lead.  I&#82… Continue reading