Posts from December, 2009

My role within the Mozilla community

Tom Ellins

So whats my role within the Mozilla community? I seem to be the “does a bit of everything guy” Im the guy people come to when they have problems with almost anything. My daily activities include: Monitoring Livechat shifts, Answering questions in the support forum, Writing Litmus testcases for SUMO, AMO, SFX and Writing […] Continue reading

SUMO 1.5.1

Tom Ellins

What is SUMO 1.5.1 all about? SUMO 1.5.1 integrates Openfire and Tikiwiki log in’s into 1 easy to use login for both services. I feel this is a great step forward as this has been a barrier for new contributors to both Livechat and SUMO as a whole. Cheers to SUMO 1.5.1 Continue reading

Kindle, E-books, and Hacking


I’m a great lover of books. I spent much of my childhood with a room of the house dedicated to books (aka the “library room”). By the time I moved out after I college, I already owned hundreds of books and I continued to amass them over the years. Being a former occultist, I had […] Continue reading

Regression Range Finder for Firefox Nightly Builds


project page·github UPDATE: mozregression has been polished up see Last week I came across a bug that had snuck into Firefox sometime after 3.0. I went to go find the regression range using hg bisect but quickly realized this wouldn’t work for a regression that occurred so long ago – the dependencies for Linux […] Continue reading