Results from the Destroy Fx 3.6 Testday


This testdasy wasn't as well attended as we had hoped; even after the help our Marketing Gurus, Jane, Mary and Sarah provided trying to get the word out about this testday. I'm betting this was due to the short promotion time and the fact it was the friday before Christmas. The other thing to note was that of the 28 people who did show up to our testday, pretty much everyone came out impressed with the responsiveness of firefox during startup and reduced crashiness of the browser. There were a number of contributors who want to thank everyone who helped make this release so great. So, hats off to everyone who has contributed to Firefox 3.6!

  • Top BugFinder: kbrosnan
  • Top Testers: kbrosnan
  • Had a max of 28 in the testday channel at its peak
  • Major contributors outside mozQA: titanic, lonelybob, aaronmt, milos, kbrosnan, atokubi, welsh_mullet, epo, tmyoung, supernova_00, stevee, isv
  • Number of Bugs Filed: 1