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12/07 Testday Results

Ioana Budnar

Hello everybody! Friday, December the 7th, we held a Per-Window Private Window testday. With your help, we ran all our tests on multiple platforms and got some exploratory testing done too. Several new bugs were logged, and old ones got … Continue reading

10/12 Testday Results

Ioana Budnar

Hello Firefox testers and users, Last Friday we organized a Firefox Private Browsing Testday. Due to the help the participants provided, we managed to run several tests for the Private Browsing feature, investigated existing issues and filed new ones. More … Continue reading

10/05 Testday Results

Ioana Budnar

Last Friday we had a Firefox 17 Aurora testday. Together we tested the most recent Firefox features, Improve Display of Location Bar Results and HTML Tree Editor. We ran tests, investigated existing issues, and filed new ones. More details are available in … Continue reading