Firefox 26 Beta 6 Testday Results

Ioana Budnar


Hi everyone!

Last Friday we held a Firefox 26.0 Beta 6 Testday. We tested the latest version of Firefox Beta, focusing on its latest changes. You can find more details about this in the etherpad we created.

Many thanks to Mayur Patil, gaby2300, Aleksej, iamjayakumars, alem, Elio Qoshi, Mihai Morar, derbeyer and to all our moderators! Your help is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next testday. Keep an eye on QMO for details!

Let’s keep making Firefox better!

2 responses

  1. Toby Jim wrote on ::

    Thanks Ioana for noticing this new version.

  2. knerrrobby wrote on :

    Thank You!! Both Firefox and Thunderbird. Don’t like to even SEE anybody using those other browsers! and the combination of Firefox AND Yahoo! It’s just too much of a good thing. Please keep up the good work by keeping creative young minds involved. You guys will always be on top. RK 12-02-13 9:36am