QA Contribution Pathways



The QA team has been working on putting together a set of contribution pathways for each QA functional area. Right now they can be found in draft form here for each functional group.

If you don’t know what a contributor pathway is, this site has some good information.  The Community Building team also has a Pathways Working group which has a lot of information about pathways as well – you can see it here.

In order to move successfully through the pathways, there has to be a set of what is known as conversion points. That means defining what it takes to move from a casual contributor to an active contributor, and then potentially eventually move into core contribution. Those conversion points may look different for different functional teams, as well as different areas across the Mozilla project.

One of the exercises we did at the QA Champions mini work week was to start defining the contribution pathways for each functional area. Michelle Marovich led the team in an exercise where we tried to post it note the pathway process for each functional area (in true Mozilla fashion :)), including moving from the conversion points of casual to active to core contributor.

Here is an example of one potential draft path that was created for FX OS for the area of Usage/dogfooding:

  • Core contributor tasks:
    • Create surveys and feedback channels (FxOS)
    • Help contributors get hardware
  • Active contributor tasks:
    • Use the device daily
    • Run FxOS tests in MozTrap
    • Submit feedback/complete surveys
  • Casual contributor tasks
    • Take a picture
    • Load 10 websites
    • Attend an event in your country

Each functional area of QA has a goal to have 1 complete pathway done by the end of the quarter.  While the QA Champions are leading the effort in each functional area, it would be to great to have more discussions about this in the community space. Beyond Q2 we will continue to need a healthy set of pathways to use at the “train the trainers” events that will be coming up, as well as to create scenarios in the One and Done task board to help onboard new community members.

Thanks to all who are helping with these efforts – they will definitely pay dividends in the future. Please let us know if you have questions about the pathways relating to any of the functional areas – if you have any pathways to suggest, please let us know that as well.

2 responses

  1. viswaprasath wrote on ::


    I love contributing to Firefox. I saw One and Done it was very interesting. How can I create task like that “add a contact in simulator” it was nice. But for Firefox OS i saw only 2 task. Need more task to do. It is awesome.

  2. rbillings wrote on :

    Hi Viswaprasath- I’m so glad you enjoyed using One and Done! We are working to get more tasks added to the tool. We know that having more interesting tasks to do for Firefox OS will be good for everyone.