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The Web QA team would like to reach out and thank Ivana Catovic for designing our latest 3 badge designs. They look great, and are a nice reward for our automation contributors. The badges represent different levels of participation for automation work on the WebQA team.


These badges are going to be seen and used by a lot of people!

I’d like to call out the fact that Ivana has made a significant contribution to the team- but without doing any testing. Mozilla contributors come with all kinds of skill sets- and we appreciate that not everyone is a Python afficionado. Our team isn’t full of UI designers either!  We need all kinds of contributions, from all types of people.

Our team, and many other teams around Mozilla are getting in Badges. We will all need badge designs for each of them. So if you have design experience and are interested in helping out Mozilla, please contact the team, or send me an email at rbillings@mozilla.com.

If you have other skill sets that might help the team, please chime in! It’d be great to dream up some new ways to participate. If you’d like to see what projects are open for testing- both manual and automated- we have them all listed here:


To learn more about Ivana, check out her website www.ivanacatovic.com or follow her on Twitter – @IvanaCatovic.

You can also read more about Mozilla, QA, Badges & Ivana in this interview: https://blog.mozilla.org/creative/2013/09/18/mozilla-general-qa-participation-badge-design-unveiled/

If you’re interested in finding out more about Web QA Badges- check out our profile:


For more information on earning our newest automation badges, check out this previous post:


We welcome all levels of contributors- let us know how you’d like to help! Thanks again to Ivana Catovic for her work on our Automation Badges!

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  1. Hani wrote on :

    Great work Ivana Catovic, hope you’ll continue being amazing!!!