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Web QA

The role of Mozilla’s Web QA team is to ensure the quality of our web applications across a variety of platforms and browsers.  We work on a wide variety of projects, aiming for high quality and timely releases of our user facing sites.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Web QA Team

From left to right, our awesome and friendly team: Raymond Etornam, Dave Hunt (on perma-loan!), Bob Silverberg, Matt Brandt, Stephen Donner, Zac Campbell, Rebecca Billings, and Krupa Raj

How to Get Involved

It’s great that you want to get involved with the Web QA team, and we would love to have you as a contributor!

The easiest way to get started is to join us on IRC and we’ll be happy to guide you though the process. Just join #mozwebqa on, say hi, and let us know you’re there to help. You can also send us an email at and someone will get back to you.

Most tasks fall into the categories of Manual Testing and Automated Testing.

Manual Testing

You can get started by doing some exploratory testing and/or verifying bug fixes. If you need help getting started with either or these, jump into our IRC channel.

For some more information about manual testing, check out this overview.

Automated Testing

Our automated tests use Selenium and Python. If you are familiar with either of them we can use your help, and helping us is a great way to learn more. The steps to get started with automation include:

  1. Choose a Project
  2. Run Some Tests
  3. Write Some Tests

Choose a Project

All of our automation efforts are organized based on the sites that are being tested, with each site having its own project. Your first step, therefore, is to choose a project to work on. You can explore our projects to find one that interests you, but if you’re just looking for a simple place to start we suggest mcom-tests.

Run Some Tests

Your next step should be to grab a copy of the tests for your chosen project and try to run them. You can find all the details for doing this in our Running Web QA Tests guide.

Write Some Tests

Each project tracks it’s automation needs using git issues. Once you’ve found a project that interests you go to that project’s github repository and view the available git issues.  Assign a git issue to yourself by leaving a comment on that issue that you want to work on it.

Security Testing

If you are interested in helping with security testing, check out the security testing page on our wiki.

More Information


  • As you begin writing checks, please adhere as closely as possible to the Style Guide, so we’re all on the same page, and reviews go more smoothly. Once you’ve written your tests and submitted a GitHub pull request, they will go through our Code Review process.
  • File bugs to help us improve the product (Learn how to file bugs here).

Talk to Us!

We would love to hear from you. Here are various ways of reaching and/or finding out more information: