Mozmill 1.5.4 has been released

Henrik Skupin

On Friday Mozmill 1.5.4 has been finally released, including a lot of bug fixes and a couple of new features. This time it has been taken a bit longer as usual to get the release out, but the A-team is also working kinda hard on the Mozmill 2 code, where we expect a preview release kinda soon.

So thanks to everyone for their help in letting us get the following stuff out:

  • Add support for Linux3 kernels (Bug 664564)
  • Disable any preference for caching XUL elements (Bug 661588)
  • The private property .documentLoaded has been renamed to .mozmillDocumentLoaded and a public API has been added to avoid namespace conflicts on window objects (Bug 661408)
  • Don’t install distributed extensions from the application folder per default (Bug 661008)
  • Add support for iFrames to the waitForPageLoad() method (Bug 659000)
  • Expose full stack frames again after the Error properties are not enumerable anymore (Bug 650646)
  • Add Mozmill version to the report document (Bug 636746)

If you haven’t upgraded yet, please do so by running: pip install --upgrade mozmill

This command will also upgrade all dependent tools necessary by Mozmill. For questions just drop by in our #mozmill channel on IRC.