Posts from May, 2011

Status Update: 2011.20

Anthony Hughes

The following is a summary of my contributions to the Mozilla project for the week ending Sunday May 15th, 2011. Accomplishments Firefox Aurora Bugday: link Progress made with testing Channel Switcher for Firefox Beta merge Progress made with splitting Mozmill tests Resolved Bugs no bugs resolved What’s Next More Firefox and Channel Switcher related testing! […] Continue reading

Linguistics and the Open Web

Gordon P. Hemsley

Last Saturday, I gave a talk entitled Linguistics and the Open Web at HULLS 2011, the first-annual Hunter [College] Undergraduate Linguistics and Language Studies Conference, organized by the Hunter College Linguistics Club. My talk kicked off the event, at which undergraduate students presented their research. (I later joked that it perhaps should have been called […] Continue reading

Firefox Bug Versions


As of tonight, all UNCO Firefox:General bugs have been marked with the correct version field. There are approx 50 bugs that did not have the original Build ID, so they are still marked as Unspecified. I was able to clear out around ~1800-2000 bugs that had the Build ID, just had never been marked against Continue reading