Firefox Bug Versions


As of tonight, all UNCO Firefox:General bugs have been marked with the correct version field. There are approx 50 bugs that did not have the original Build ID, so they are still marked as Unspecified. I was able to clear out around ~1800-2000 bugs that had the Build ID, just had never been marked against the proper version. These bugs have been spread from Firefox 1 to Firefox 5 and trunk. Hopefully this makes it easier for us in the future to triage EOL bugs and ensure that the bugs we are working on are against recent Firefox versions.

Unfortunately, this won’t last too long. While BMO does auto detect platform and OS when a new Firefox bug is filed, it fails to detect versions. Until Bug 577561 is fixed, the Firefox bug pile will continue to grow with bugs that are incorrectly marked unspecified. This makes it difficult to update bugs that are filed against versions of Firefox that are EOL. We have to go off of dates, not versions, which is much less accurate, as on any given date we can have several version of Firefox floating around.