Results of the Firefox Aurora Bugday

Anthony Hughes

Last Friday we held a bugday for UNCONFIRMED and FIXED bugs in Firefox Aurora in preparation for the upcoming merge to Beta.  Due to the efforts of our awesome community, we were able to triage 80 bugs. Here are some highlights of the bugday:

  • 20 participants: 9 new contributors, 5 repeat contributors, 6 Mozillans
  • 80 bugs triaged:
    • 8 confirmed (ie. UNCONFIRMED-> NEW)
    • 1 reopened (ie. RESOLVED -> REOPENED)
    • 11 verified (ie. RESOLVED -> VERIFIED)
    • 22 resolved (ie. UNCONFIRMED -> RESOLVED)

A special thanks goes out to aceman for verifying the most bugs. I also want to thank everyone else who came out to help. Your efforts really do help make Firefox a better browser.

This Friday we will be having a testday for Firefox Mobile. I hope you’ll join us to help test the mobile version of Firefox. Don’t worry if you don’t have a supported device, there is a desktop version available to test.

Thanks again and see you Friday!