MozMill Crowd 0.1.2 released

Henrik Skupin

The Mozilla QA Automation team proudly presents the next version of the MozMill Crowd extension which has been released today.

With Mozmill Crowd 0.1.2 we now support the Endurance Tests, which have been used a lot in the last couple of weeks to find memory leaks in Firefox. Now as part of the crowd extension, those tests are as easy to execute as all the other supported test-runs. Only if you would like to run those tests with a given set of add-ons installed, you will have to run the tests outside of the extension. Dave Hunt wrote an excellent article about this topic recently.

Further we were also able to remove the dependency for the Python headers on Linux. That means there is no pre-requisite anymore which has to be fulfilled before Mozmill Crowd will work. Only on OS X you will have to install the Developer Tools because VirtualEnv requires it to work. We hope to fix that by not using VirtualEnv in one of the upcoming releases.

A complete list of fixed bugs you can find on the tracking bug for the Mozmill Crowd 0.1.2 release.

Important Note: The extension is still not able to detect if an updated test environment has been made available. If you already have used MozMill Crowd before make sure that you manually delete the ‘’ file and ‘mozmill-env’ folder in the selected storage folder. Triggering a new test-run will automatically download and install the newest version of the environment.

Also please check out our tomorrows testday which is completely devoted to the MozMill Crowd extension and the test execution in Firefox 4.